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Eastern Sun 3.00 R
Supporting LoD 1.11b / Mac Version Available

A patched version of Eastern Sun 3.00, which fixes many bugs including D2 crash, improves the game balance and adds new features.

[Update Notice]
In R6, chacaters have more skill points. You can convert old characters by the character utility installed in Start Menu. Please make sure to unsummon Metal Golem before you convert a Necromancer.

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R6D Full Version (79MB)
(Download es300_R6D_full.zip, 03/20/2008) Updated
No patch version is available because of the installer change. Please install R6D full version even if you have applied the unofficial R6B -> R6D patch posted at the forum.

R6C Full Version (78MB)
(Download es300_R6C_full.zip, 02/28/2008) OLD VERSION
CAUTION: When you play multiplayer games, use the same version as the host uses.

Beta of R6D Mac Version (incl. Quest Reward & Merc Fix) (77MB)
(Download es300_R6D_mac_debug4.zip, 03/01/2008) Updated
This is basically the same thing as Windows R6D full, but some players have reported that re-equipping Damage Augmenter can cause a crash on Mac. If you need a very stable version, please wait some more.

Changes in ES 3.00 R6D


Features of ES 3.00 R (Outdated)
    White: The original features of ES 3.00
    Pale Bule: Fixed, improved or rebalanced in this patch
    Blue: Added in this patch
  • The original LoD is automatically backup and restored.
  • A smart launcher which runs ES on LoD 1.10, 1.11 and 1.11b, and launches 2 instances of ES correctly.
  • A utility (ES 3.00 R preference) to choose Aura Graphics, Automap Setting, Life/Mana Orb Graphics and /nopickup setting.
  • A utility (Gamble Filter) to limit the items on the gamble screen. (SP only)
  • PlugY for the shared stash, skill/stat point reallocation, etc. (PlugY 5.06 is installed because any newer PlugY causes TCP/IP troubles.)
  • D2Mod system MercMod plugin for fully equippable hirelings.
  • D2Mod system GemFix plugin to fix the gem stats descriptions.
  • D2Mod system Utility plugin to make /playersx command accept up to /players16.
  • Cow Level Waypoint Plugin. Jail WP is replaced by Cow Level WP.
  • Increased the maximum character level (slightly) to 100.
  • Expanded inventory (11x9), stash (10x10) and Horadric Cube (10x8).
  • Doubled the amount of gold in inventory, quadrupled in stash.
  • Increased the resistance penalty in NM (-60%) and in Hell (-150%).
  • New graphics for the title screen, etc.
  • Tweaked the starting gears, character's stats and level/stat bonuses.
  • Characters start with the Horadric Cube.
  • Some maps of Act 2, Act 3 and Act 5 are altered. Map
  • Some areas are renewed and filled with strong monsters for uber players. Map
  • Amazon and Barbarian run faster. (They are the slowest class in LoD.)
  • Amazon's slow block bug with 1H swing weapon is fixed.

  • 46 new Runes based on Japanese Hiragana.
  • A new gem type Obsidian.
  • A new gem grade Blemished (between Flawless and Perfect).
  • All gems have multiple and much improved stats.
  • All gems are sold at vendors.
  • 720+ new Unique Items besides all LoD Uniques.
  • 240+ new Runewords and Gemwords besides all LoD Runewords.
  • 75 new Item Sets (248 Pieces) including upgradable mercenary sets.
  • Many new base items with cool graphics and nice stats (Assassin Katana, etc.).
  • All base items are rebalanced and improved. All elite items are renamed.
  • Gloves, Belts and Boots can be spawned with 1-2 sockets.
  • Helms can be spawned with 1-4 sockets.
  • Body Armor can be spawned with 1-6 sockets.
  • Rings, Amulets, Charms and Quivers can have a socket by the cube recipes.
  • Cheap unsocketing Recipes without destroying socketables.
  • Many recipes like D-Stoning, Forging, Gem Melding and Tikering to enhance items in various ways (skill bonus, ED, leech, max hp/mana, and even an aura for some items).
  • Recipes to reroll various items (ex. 7 magic rings -> a rare ring).
  • Recipes to make Unique Items and Set Items (for normal and exceptional items).
  • Recipes to make sockets on various items (normal/magic/rare/set/unique).
  • New powerful craft recipes for each class.
  • All LoD craft recipes are also available with doubled fixed mods and a socket.
  • Rune upgrade recipes now requires only 2 runes. Added Rune downgrade recipes.
  • Improved magic affixes. Now some affixes have powerful "per level" property.
  • Added many new affixes including powerful auras, oskills and CtC skills.
  • Magic, rare and unique quivers are spawnable.
  • Rare charms are spawnable.
  • A special normal charm with 1-3 sockets is cubable.
  • All Gemwords and some Runewords work for quivers and the special charm.
  • Carrying multiple Unique Charms of the same kind reduces character's life to 1.
  • Equipping any piece of Mercenary Sets reduces character's life to 1.
  • The buying price of NPC is halved, but the cap is raised by 10000G.
  • You can remove unwanted RIP and Freeze effect from an item.
  • You can cube a negative MF charm to find more normal items (for Runewords).

    New Items
  • Ancient Scrolls 1-50: Let you use the secret cube recipes.
  • Ancient Decipherers: Cube with an Ancient Scroll to identify.
  • Dragon Stones: Used in cube recipes. Transmutable into other forms cyclically.
  • Ancient Coupons: 3 Coupons make a LoD unique, which never drops in ES.
  • Ancient Decals: Transmute an ES rune to a LoD rune, which never drops in ES.
  • Monster's Organs: Used for Tinkering and some other recipes.
  • GemGem Can and other Stockers: Saves the storage space mainly for Mac users.
  • Tokenizer: Tokenize any weapons and armor to save the storage space.

  • 30% chance for Rares, 5% chance for Sets and 5% chance for Uniques.
  • Greatly reduced the gamble cost of expensive items (heavy armor, etc.).
  • Greatly increased the chance for Exceptionals and Elites.
  • *Important* Exceptional items can be gambled only in Nightmare.
  • *Important* Elite items can be gambled only in Hell.

    Quest Rewards
  • Akara gives 2 skill points for Den and a magic/rare SC for rescuing Cain.
  • The Horadric Cube chest in the Halls of Dead drops a Decipherer per player.
  • Ormus gives a Rare Jewel for Gidbinn.
  • Mephisto drops Decipherers instead of Soulstones. (Cain gives a Soulstone.)
  • Hellforge quest drops better runes. Up to r28 (Norm), r35 (NM), r42 (Hell).
  • Qual-Kehk gives a kit of materials for Class Craft for rescuing Barbs.
  • Anya gives an cubing material which makes a Unique Item for rescuing her.

  • Hirelings can equip gloves, a belt, boots, rings and an amulet.
  • Hirelings use more various skills, including BO, Fanaticism and Conviction. Hirelings Skills

    Monsters (General)
  • Increased all monsters' level, life, defense, damage, AR and experience.
  • Monsters are reallocated and new monsters are added, including Black Knight, Goatman Lord, Beholder, D1 Succubus, King Leoric, Belhifeit and Cyclops.
  • Monster's Iron Maiden is almost harmless (reflects only 20% damage).
  • Changed some demons and undead into animals.
  • Increased Magic Immune monsters in Hell.
  • FE monster's death explosion damage on its death is generally reduced.
  • Act Bosses aren't spawned with multiple shot, to avoid the heavy graphic lag.
  • Act Bosses, Ancient Barbs and Lister aren't spawned with FE.
  • Diablo Clone can be spawned in single and TCP/IP games.
  • Zakarum Zealots never flee even after you smashed the Compelling Orb.

    Monsters (Drop)
  • All drops, especially the drops of high runes are improved.
  • The first kill drop of Act Bosses is much improved.
  • Cow King drops 8 Dragon Stones at the first kill.
  • The panther woman nearby the Horadric Cube chest drops a Forging Hammer.
    (50% chance in Normal, 75% chance in NM and 100% chance in Hell)
  • The Ancients at the Arreat Summit drop a Decipherer.
    (20% chance in Normal, 40% chance in NM and 60% chance in Hell)
  • Countess drops better runes. Up to r12 (Norm), r27 (NM), r42 (Hell).
  • Izual has a slightly increased chance to drop Ancient Scrolls.
  • Belhifets and Cyclops have a slightly increased chance to drop Runes.
  • Sand Raiders and its family have a slightly increased chance to drop Coupons.
  • Unique monsters have a slim chance to drop all pieces of a set. (Set Jackpot)
  • Unique monsters have a slim chance to drop a bunch of Runes. (Rune Jackpot)
  • Unique monsters have a slim chance to drop a bunch of Coupons. (Coupon Jackpot)
  • Increased the amount of dropped gold and reduced the chance.
  • Reduced the chance of annoying junks (pots, quivers, etc.) to drop.
  • Diablo Clone drops a Magic, Rare or Unique Charm, or a Maple Leaf.

    Skills (General)
  • Improved and modified most skills. 5 additional skills for each class.
  • Improved skill descriptions. Many hidden skill effects are now displayed.
  • Some utility skills like warcries and Teleport are castable in town.

    Amazon Skills
  • Inner Sight reduces enemy's defense and physical resistance by percentage.
  • Multiple Shot triggers CtC effect more often. (trigger arrows 2 -> 3)
  • Fend attacks much faster.
  • Fend, Fire Strike, Shadow Strike, Lightning Strike and Dance of Death can be used with any melee weapon.
  • Jab and Viper Bite can be used with any thrust weapon.
  • Javelin skills can be used with any throwing weapon.
  • D/A/E also gives Defense vs. Melee, Defense vs. Missile and Defense Bonus.
  • D/A/E takes only 1 frame with 2H melee weapons and 4 frames with 1H weapons.
  • Oskill D/A/E grants only 2/3 D/A/E chance.
  • [Changed] Fire Arrow -> Poison Arrow (poison damage)
  • [Changed] Ice Arrow -> Lightning Arrow (lightning damage)
  • [Changed] Power Strike -> Fire Strike (fire damage)
  • [Changed] Charged Strike -> Shadow Strike (magic damage)
  • [Changed] Impale -> Viper Bite (slow attack, huge poison damage)
  • [Changed] Poison Javelin -> Pyre Javelin (exploding fire damage)
  • [Changed] Lightning Bolt -> Frost Javelin (freezing cold damage)
  • [New] Eagle Eye (BoS like skill, slow attack, greatly increased damage and CB)
  • [New] Legendary Arrow (piercing Guided Arrow in 1.09 with some penalty)
  • [New] Dance of Death (Spearazon's Whirlwind, less damage, stun)
  • [New] Fire Wall (formerly a Sorceress skill)
  • [New] Frost Nova (formerly a Sorceress skill) *Whirlwind isn't affected by off-weapon IAS, so Eagle Eye works fine with DoD.

    Assassin Skills
  • Cloak of Shadows darkens the screen no longer.
  • Reduced the chance and length of conversion of Mind Blast.
  • Shadow Master doesn't cast Mind Blast and Cloak of Shadows.
  • Traps are correctly boosted by elemental pierce and elemental damage bonus.
  • [Changed] Claw Mastery -> Melee Mastery (works with any melee weapon)
  • [Changed] Psychic Hammer -> Psychic Slash (increased damage)
  • [Changed] Fire Blast -> Cold Blast (cold damage trap)
  • [Changed] Blade Fury -> Poison Stream (poison damage missile)
  • [Changed] Inferno Sentry -> Steam Sentry (magic damage trap)
  • [New] Shade Armor (Fade like skill, good DR% and Def bonus, no resist bonus)
  • [New] Iaigiri (2H Weapons only, uninterruptible attack, finishing move)
  • [New] Shuriken (Strafe like skill, throws Throwing Knives to multiple targets)

    Barbarian Skills
  • The skill trees are rearranged. Combat Skills and Warcries are rearranged into Highland Skills and Tribal Skills.
  • Each melee mastery boosts another weapon mastery as much as itself by synergy, for more flexible dual wielding and weapon swapping.
  • Sword Mastery boosts Axe Mastery.
  • Axe Mastery boosts Mace Mastery.
  • Mace Mastery boosts Sword Mastery. (These 3 cover most dual wielding combo.)
  • Pole Arm Mastery boosts Spear Mastery.
  • Spear Mastery boosts Axe Mastery. (for Javelin and Throwing Axe combo)
  • [Changed] Increase Stamina -> Strength of the Ancients (passive, Str and CB)
  • [Changed] Increase Speed -> Vigor of the Ancients (passive, Vit and FRW)
  • [Changed] Find Potion -> Luck of the Ancients (passive, MF and Gold)
  • [Changed] Find Item -> Find Treasure (improved chance to find magic items)
  • [Changed] Grim Ward -> Magic Throw (throwing version of Magic Arrow)
  • [New] Ancients' Call (warcry, reduces enemys' resistance)
  • [New] Phantom Hatchets (throwing version of Multiple Shot)
  • [New] Berserk Fury (magic damage version of Lightning Fury)

    Druid Skills
  • The caps of summoned minions can be increased by the synergies.
  • Elemental skills, especially Arctic Blast and Molten Boulder are much improved.
  • Volcano, Molten Boulder, Fire Storm and Arctic Blast are castable in wereform.
  • Warcries, Assassin Auras, armor spells, Teleport, Inner Sight, Slow Missiles, Summons and other utility spells of other classes are castable in wereform.
  • [Changed] Werebear -> Elemental Form (graphics change, Fire Elemental)
  • [Changed] Summon Grizzly -> Summon Water Elemental (graphics change)
  • [Changed] Lycanthropy -> Shape Shifting Mastery (name change)
  • [Changed] Twister -> Creeping Doom (physical and magic damage, many missiles)
  • [Changed] Fissure -> Earth Spike (physical and magic damage)
  • [Changed] Armageddon -> Acid Rain (poison and magic damage)
  • [New] Iron Claws (wereform skill, ignores and damages target's defense)
  • [New] Sand Storm (Nova like wind skill)
  • [New] Cow Balloon (spammable rubber moo moo decoy)

    Necromancer Skills
  • Iron Maiden reduces the physical resistance of targets by 50%.
  • Amplify Damage reduces the physical resistance of targets by 100-150%.
  • Decrepify reduces the physical resistance of targets by 50-100%.
  • Lower Resist only reduces enemy's Fire, Cold, and Lightning resistance by itself, but reduces enemy's Poison and Magic resistance by synergy. .
  • Added physical damage to Poison Explosion and Poison Nova.
  • One of each golem type can be summoned at once.
  • [Changed] Iron Golem -> Metal Golem (graphics change)
  • [Changed] Raise Skeletal Mage -> Raise Vampire (casts improved spells)
  • [Changed] Poison Dagger -> Poison Slash (can be used with any melee weapon)
  • [Changed] Bone Spear -> Frozen Spear (cold damage)
  • [Changed] Teeth -> Bone Wave (launches a bone wall, magic damage, knockback)
  • [New] Pierce Flesh & Bone (curse, reduces enemy's poison and magic resistance)
  • [New] Killer Scythe (pole arm version Fend)
  • [New] Hell's Gate (Nova like skill, magic damage)

    Paladin Skills
  • Vigor also increases the maximum life of the party.
  • Cleansing also regenerate the life of the party.
  • Thorns also grants Open Wounds and Prevent Monster Heal to the party.
  • Conversion also deals Poison Damage over the conversion length.
  • [Changed] Sanctuary -> Protection From Evil (knockback, vs undead/demons bonus)
  • [Changed] Blessed Aim -> Annihilation (crushing blow, IAS, PMH)
  • [Changed] Resist Fire -> Protection From Fire (fire absorb, max fire res, DR%)
  • [Changed] Resist Cold -> Protection From Cold (cold absorb, max cold res, DR%, CNB)
  • [Changed] Resist Ltng -> Protection From Lightning (lightning absorb, max lightning res, DR%)
  • [New] Aura of Divinity (skill bonus, exp bonus)
  • [New] Arrow of Confession (bow skill, RIP, magic damage)
  • [New] Sacred Piercer (bow skill, pierce, vs undead/demons bonus)

    Sorceress Skills
  • Cold Mastery increases the cold damage instead of reducing enemy's resistance.
  • [Changed] Frozen Armor -> Shock Armor (lightning spell)
  • [New] Aerial Guard (BoS like skill, fast block, fast recovery, slow cast rate)
  • [Changed] Fire Wall -> Flame Wave (moving fire wall)
  • [Changed] Shiver Armor -> Fire Shield (fire damage, higher Def bonus)
  • [Changed] Nova -> Immolation (fire damage)
  • [Changed] Thunder Storm -> Meteor Shower (fire damage)
  • [Changed] Hydra -> Lightning Hydra (lightning damage)
  • [Changed] Warmth -> Soul Shiver (name change, moved to cold tree)
  • [Changed] Frost Nova -> Ice Nova (improved cold damage)
  • [New] Time Stop (freezes all non-boss monsters in the screen)
  • [New] Fanatic Swing (Zeal like skill, less damage, faster swing)
  • [New] Aerial Guard (BoS like skill, fast block, fast recovery, slow cast rate)
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